In British English, rumor is often written as a rumor. Middle English rumor, from English, from Latin rumor shouting, gossip; similar to the Old English rÄon to deplore, the Sanskrit rauti roars it Even Radio Bemba (Cuban slang for the rumor mill) had not picked up the signal. What are the words that share a root element or word with rumors? Join our community to access the latest language learning and assessment tips from Oxford University Press! A rumor is a story that may not be true. Everyone may be talking about the rap superstar who ate ice cream in your city, but until there`s evidence that it really happened, it`s just a rumor. There is a rumor that if both defeat the Christians, they will turn their weapons against the caliph and the archsultan next. A person who likes to spread rumors is called a rumor creator. In 1821, rumor had it that he intended to marry the thirty-two-year-old widow of a miller, his boss. The first rumors date back to around 1325. It finally comes from the Latin rūmor. Even in ancient Rome, one could not resist the spread of rumors.

Find the answers online with Practical English Usage, your go-to guide to problems in English. WHAT IS HOT GOSSIP? You are looking for juicy rumors. The controversy comes as Robinhood adds compliance executives before rumors circulate that the company plans to go public soon. Unproven rumors that khat leaves could carry the coronavirus haven`t helped either. However, it attempts to dispel some of the myths born of hearsay and rumors of the last century. Britannica English: Translation of rumors for Arabic speakers I have also heard/read these rumors and it is not impossible. As a verb, rumor means to spread or report rumors. When used in this way, it is usually accompanied by the thing that is a rumor, as in It has been said that Disney is building a new amusement park outside the city.

Find out which words work together and create more natural English with the Oxford Collocations Dictionary app. There was a rumor that Alessandro and his father were both dead; But no one knew anything exactly. Our men thought it was an exaggerated rumor, but nevertheless they advised people to leave Holland as soon as possible. Are the rumors still true? Of course, sometimes the word circulates in advance, for example when a student hears teachers talking about early dismissal before it is announced. When the school closes prematurely, the rumor is confirmed. But many other rumors can never be confirmed, so they remain just that, rumors. True, false, half true: who knows? The Latin word rumorem, or noise, is the origin; Noise is often all that is a rumor. If the latest Android Central rumors are to be believed, the answer is apparently “not much”. The iPhone I Want Won`t Release Until November (Rumors) 😔 What are the words often used to discuss rumors? People like to spread rumors. A word of advice: It`s a good idea to look for the truth, whether a rumor seems ridiculous or false. By the end of 2019, such rumors had been linked to at least 70 violent incidents, according to an analysis by data journalism site IndiaSpend. Although rumors mean that the information has not been verified, it is always possible that this is true.

For this reason, rumor cannot always be used as a synonym for words such as lie, lie, nonsense or fiction. Example: My talkative neighbor likes to spread ridiculous rumors all over the city. Rumors can also mean general hearsay, as you shouldn`t trust rumors and speculations much. But while the rumor was not disputed, it caused great excitement and anger. “Scoop that`s it! (@WhoIsWynton) October 13, 2020 Rumors fascinate people. Celebrity magazines and gossip publications often devote entire issues to spreading rumors about famous people. Rumors let our imagination run wild, which is probably why we like to hear them. Professional journalists should not report rumours as fact and usually signal to readers that the information is not confirmed to avoid being sued for defamation or defamation.

Thus, the rumor and reality of the threat are used for intimidation purposes. A Rumor of Angels: Quotes to Live, Die and Leave Goby Gail Perry Johnson and Jill Perry Rabideau. Because the rumors mentioned Michigan voter data, Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson`s office also denied that any information was stolen. Another rumor that existed even before the release of The Empire Strikes Back. A rumor is a story or statement that is conveyed without confirmation that the information is true, as in I Heard a Rumor About a New Superhero Movie.