(216) If you believe that legal action is the best way to resolve your professional difficulties, note that there is a period of 45 days to submit formal compliance. (204) Nintendo took steps to end game rentals, but did not take formal legal action until Blockbuster Video began making game rental a large-scale service. (82) Shepard Fairey is also involved in legal proceedings with The Associated Press. (112) Another complication arises from an impending pharmaceutical patent litigation facing both companies. (104) As an unsecured creditor, you could take legal action to collect your debts. (224) I mean, in some cases with defamation laws, you know, they can write things about people who have no means of action because they don`t have the means to sue them. (30) They brought the action with the support of their member. (230) Before going abroad, however, Hale was forced to travel to London to give instructions for his defence in a lawsuit which threatened to deprive him of his inheritance. (125) Now, officials have warned that if negotiations reach an impasse today, they will take legal action. (234) He called on Washington to hold its diplomats accountable for defamation based on lies and inaccurate opinions, adding that his advisers were looking for ways to take legal action against the authors of the cables. A simple sentence with “legal action” contains a subject and a verb and can also have an object and modifiers.

However, it contains only a stand-alone clause. (171) The judge stated that it was regrettable that the family had to take legal action and had lived under the cloud of litigation in recent years. (16) If they do not pay, we will take legal action. (184) A senior consultant stated that operators are likely to appeal these decisions, although they may be subject to further legal action by consumer groups. (140) Nearly 2,000 pages of transcripts were published as a result of a lawsuit brought by The New York Times. (202) In addition, it is difficult to obtain a court injunction against an otherwise legal measure, such as a recount of elections or the demolition of a building, if the owner consents to this. (215) A school district in Wisconsin says it is considering legal action against some of its own students after they were allegedly photographed in a group giving a Hitler salute. (210) The name John Doe is used in a trial or discussion for a male whose true identity is unknown or must be kept secret for legal reasons. (22) They decided to pursue the appeal.

(194) I acknowledge that the legal steps we took in September to formalise our agreement with Tracy led to an unfortunate and regrettable public dispute. (123) I did not know this and am considering taking legal action against Beth for failing to disclose this information. (261) What is Merriam-Webster`s definition of “legal action”? (238) Injuries: Persons injured due to negligence due to poor maintenance, unsafe environments or crew misconduct could recover their medical costs and other payments through legal action. (143) Cheltzie Hentz takes legal action against two classmates after they verbally abused them on a bus. (36) If I do not obtain a revocation, I will take legal action. (113) Legal expenses insurance, which protects against the costs of an action, is useful in this respect. (232) In October 2007, it was announced that Manchester City Council was taking legal action against the makers of the sculpture in order to complete the necessary repairs to the sculpture. (199) If one of the companies takes legal action against the invoices, this is likely to be settled by private arbitration, as provided for in its operating agreement. (172) The League advocates legal reform and funds legal action against unauthorized hunting and the purchase of protected areas. (84) If this is the case, the chances of success of an action must be slim. (250) Use of “legal measures” with sample sentences.

(33) 1It intends to take legal action against the hospital. (283) Define “legal measures” in one sentence, define “legal measures” in one word. Admittedly, there are still words you don`t know. But if you learn whole sentences with “lawsuit” instead of the word “lawsuit” per se, you can learn much faster! (226) In places where the basic meaning of marriage has been altered by legal action, officials begin to punish believers and churches that refuse to comply. (96) Dekker and Vincent say they could take legal action and return their funds. (31) Nicholson did not keep his threat to take legal action. (219) This decision was again won by false bidders and Seobiddingcom announced that the website would be sold for 500000 and that legal action would be taken against the wrong bidders. (69) The article was increased for fear of legal action against the newspaper. (131) Prior to the verdict, Kemp characterized the trial as another frivolous lawsuit brought by liberal activist groups. (198) M.

Rotariu said he would never recover from his injuries and needed financial help from the public to pursue his legal action against Leicestershire Police. (212) Unified announced its decision to paint on the mural after Korean groups said they found the background offensive like a swastika and threatened legal action. (220) Yesterday, a Supreme Court judge reserved a decision in the first phase of the trial to help people conceived through donor dissemination learn more about their parentage. (56) What legal action have some lucky OtherOS users taken against Sony? (223) The implied nature of the counter-accusation is to make a counter-claim and appeal, or to use a method of defence to establish existence in fact or in law. (106) If payment is not received within five days, legal recourse is our only alternative.