Comment on this article by giving coconut flour – boy, does it look good! I have a ton of frozen pumpkin puree that I have to consume, and there`s nothing like hot pumpkin spice fritters on a cold morning! Love your website! I loved the donuts and cookie recipes. As a result, my children always feel “normal” and are not disadvantaged. Thank you for these great recipes! These donuts are SO BONS. I covered mine with the chocolate icing, I can`t wait to try the bacon, but I don`t know where to find raw cocoa butter. Tags: donuts donuts donuts grain-free maple icing paleo donuts pumpkin spice donut SCD carbohydrate diet specific pumpkin spices It is really important that you let the donuts cool completely before freezing. And with this icing, you need to leave it in the refrigerator for at least 20 minutes so that it hardens, as the instructions say. Thanks for the recipe, Erica! Yours is the first one I tried with almond flour and they are absolutely delicious. I made my first two batches today, the second one because I didn`t grease the pan well enough for the first batch and stuck it like crazy. I had to cut them with a butter knife to get them out and my boy, they weren`t pretty.

But tasty enough to try again. 🙂 Full of delicious goodness and not too sweet either. Next, try your coconut flour fritters. 🙂 These look delicious! Have you ever thought about making a cider donut since cider is legal SCD? If you find one, I`d love the recipe! 🙂 The taste and texture of these donuts was amazing! There was enough batter left to make 5 muffins after filling 12 donut tins. I had a hard time getting the donuts out of the mussels without them breaking. I used silicone molds and hoped it would be easier with them. Any advice? I think it`s best to work as if coconut blossom sugar isn`t legal because it`s mostly made of sucrose (glucose and fructose), which is a double sugar (which isn`t allowed on SCD). This donut is healthier not only because it contains no grains, yeast or refined sugar, but also because it is baked and not fried like most conventional donuts. It`s a cake donut reminiscent of the old-fashioned donuts I loved; dense, satisfying and rich. They also have 2 different crispy and sweet icing options that meet both SCD and Paleo restrictions.

With each bite you can taste all the flavors of the season: pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, cardamom and cloves. It`s my favorite look. Our kids have been asking me a lot lately, “When can we get donuts?” I think they just noticed that their friends have them and they think they are needed. I also love your chocolate chip cookie recipe. I think I have a tie for the favorites. Thank you for sharing your recipes and having ideas to understand how to customize some according to specific needs. We are a GAPS family without eggs, so it is sometimes more difficult to find ones that work. Have you ever tried to make some kind of rainbow sprinkled with donuts? I can`t wait to try them.

I love the pumpkin and donuts that are missing. My daughter hates pumpkin, so I`ll also try a batch yogurt for pumpkin. I love all your recipes, thank you. Lucky and found a donut pan at Home Goods! The donuts are in the oven as I write these lines and they smell wonderful. Freeze them with your chocolate icing and maple icing. I can`t wait! As always, thank you so much for sharing so many fantastic recipes with us! The version I`ve recreated is simple, although I could see someone (me, yourself, anyone!) coat it with a cinnamon-coconut mixture or a cinnamon-coconut-sugar mixture if you can tolerate coconut blossom sugar. Nevertheless, I really wanted some kind of simple, no-frills donut that still resembles the classic and old-fashioned donut in taste. And that`s exactly what I created. Shout at me. I would also love a cider donut! We had them (before our food allergies :() every fall when we went apple picking.

I`ve seen gluten-free recipes, but we`re limited to almond flour and coconut flour. I can`t wait to see what comes to mind, Erica! 🙂 Oh my God, I can`t wait to try them! Thank you for a beautiful website with so many recipes. I feel like I`ve found a lost treasure chest. I like to use silicone donut molds. I`ve never had a problem with glued donuts and they`re easy to clean. These donuts are sweetened with D`Vash date nectar, but you can also substitute the same amount of honey. He was a favorite. So close to a real donut. My son loved it!! I hope to win the TT gift card!! I am allergic to all nuts and coconuts, I know I could replace coconut oil with butter, but is there another flour you could recommend that would serve as a placement for almond and coconut flour? I wish I could. 🙂 Thanks in advance! Step 4: Bake and let cool completely before removing! Honestly, waiting for them to cool down is the hardest part of making these donuts. You are so gifted and so generous, what a blessing you are, God bless you, thank you for sharing this.

I am lost, the holidays are always more than difficult. Your website and recipes are very useful. HUGS~ Be sure to watch my demo video below to make these awesome donuts! The recipe in the book says that it makes 25-30 mini donuts, but since I didn`t want to make a big batch, I decided to cut the recipe in half. It was super easy to follow and within minutes I had preheated my oven and filled my donut pan with dough. These are regular-sized donuts, and if I had made a complete recipe, she would have made 6 large donuts. Instead, since I cut the recipe in half, he made three. Thank you Monique. I was wondering if it would work.

I`m in love! For me, it all depends on the combination pumpkin + chocolate.