In order to ensure safe travel during the current coronavirus pandemic, the EU has agreed on a common approach to restrictions on free movement. A traffic light system has been set up to classify EU countries (EU 27 + Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland) according to their epidemiological situation (infection rate). This information is available online and provides travelers with the latest data and details on restrictions and special rules (e.g. quarantine and testing requirements). More information on how to get to Hungary can be found here visithungary – Applicable entry requirements and – General rules for crossing the border. The Hungarian authorities set and apply the entry conditions. If you are unsure how the entry requirements for Hungary apply to you, contact the British embassy, high commission or consulate. As some countries may have stricter rules, you can find more information about the specific rules that apply to travel to Hungary here. This page reflects the UK Government`s understanding of the current rules for people travelling with a full UK citizen passport for the most common types of travel. Irish citizens do not need vaccinations when travelling to Hungary. However, you should consult a doctor about vaccinations to prevent tick-related medical problems (such as tick-borne encephalitis), especially if you plan to visit lakes or wooded areas. Contact the embassy of the country you are visiting if you think your passport does not meet these two requirements. Renew your passport if you need it.

Please check the CDC website for the latest COVID health information for Hungary: Medical tourism: Medical tourism, especially dental and cosmetic procedures, is a rapidly growing industry. People seeking health care abroad need to understand that medical systems operate differently than those in the United States and are not subject to the same rules and regulations. Anyone interested in medical travel should consult their local doctor before traveling and visit the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website for more information on medical tourism. The certificate provides a standardised recognition of the holder`s status in terms of vaccination, recovery from Covid-19 or test result. Despite the European COVID digital certificate, each country remains responsible for defining its own entry conditions and rules, which are not standardised at EU level. This means that upon presentation of this certificate, entry depends on the measures and conditions of entry at your destination. If you are visiting Hungary, your passport must be valid for at least 3 months from the date of arrival.

You can reach the emergency services in Hungary on 112. The specific emergency numbers are: Although Hungary is generally a safe place to visit, you should exercise caution and remain vigilant. Be especially careful in train stations, crowded tourist areas, crowded buses, trams and subways. They should avoid demonstrations and political rallies. In some cases where protests turned violent, authorities deployed riot police to control crowds. What vaccines are available in Hungary? Pfizer, Moderna, Astra Zeneca, Sinopharm, Sputnik V Can US citizens enter Hungary? Yes. As of March 7, 2022, there are no COVID-related travel restrictions in place in Hungary. The ad can be found here: Most of Hungary has a moderate crime rate.

However, you should know that in and around Budapest, there is a much higher risk of pickpocketing and aggression in busy tourist spots. Budapest`s famous ruined bars are particularly popular with tourists. The months of May to September are particularly busy with Interrailing and other passengers. Cases of petty crime and intimidation of some bar employees have been reported. We recommend that you be vigilant and stay with a group if possible. For up-to-date information on air travel requirements in this country, please visit the IATA website. U.S. citizens who test positive for COVID in Hungary must self-isolate in accordance with Hungarian government procedures to prevent the spread of the disease. There are no exceptions to the entry requirements for Hungary. The information on this page comes from – check it back for the latest updates. Rozsakert Medical Center – You should check if your passport meets these requirements before travelling.

If your passport was issued before October 1, 2018, additional months may have been added to the expiry date. Are there vaccines for U.S. citizens in Hungary? Yes, for residents. Check that your passport is stamped when entering or leaving the Schengen area as a visitor via Hungary. Border guards use passport stamps to check that you are bordering the 90-day visa-free for short stays in the Schengen area. If there are no relevant entry or exit stamps in your passport, the border guards will assume that you have crossed your border without a visa. Read more:Budapest AirportHumanitarian corridorSecurity measures EU rules ensure the free movement of goods between EU Member States. This means that no customs procedure is required for the export of goods from Hungary to another EU Member State and/or for the import of goods from a Member State into Hungary. The export and import of goods acquired for non-commercial purposes (for personal use or as a gift) during the journey is not restricted, however, the transport of certain goods (such as: pets, hunting weapons, alcohol and tobacco products, medicines containing drugs, etc.) within the European Union is restricted or subject to special permits. Highway Code: Hungary has zero tolerance for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs (DUI). Prison sentences for impaired driving offences or accidents caused by impaired drivers are severe. Pharmacies open 24 hours a day: In Buda: XII.

Dstr. Alkotás út 1/b. Tel. : 00-36-1-355-4691 If you want to travel to an EU country (except Ireland) or Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Andorra, Monaco, San Marino or Vatican City, you must meet the passport requirements for the Schengen area. For consular emergencies outside of business hours, please call the Embassy on +36 1301 4960 and leave a voicemail message monitored by the duty officer. Hungarian citizens without a vaccination certificate returning from abroad are obliged to remain in quarantine in their country of origin for 10 days from the date of entry. Passengers returning home may be exempted from quarantine if they present a certificate containing the negative results of two SARS-CoV-2 molecular tests performed in Hungary at two different times, at least 48 hours apart. The first of the two tests can also be taken in one of the Schengen countries, the United States of America or Canada.

Ferenc Liszt International Airport – US Visas: Limited non-immigrant visa services are offered. Immigrant visas are available. You may need to contact an English-speaking lawyer or doctor during your stay in Hungary. For your convenience, the Embassy has compiled a list of English-speaking professionals who might be helpful to you. Inclusion in these lists should not be construed as a recommendation of the Embassy. On 7 March, all COVID-19-related entry restrictions into Hungary were lifted. Hungary does not require proof of COVID-19 vaccination or negative test result to enter the country, regardless of your vaccination status.