As I said in another comment, I tried everything, things I would never use as a variable or workbook name. Form and control names must begin with a letter and cannot exceed 40 characters, including letters, numbers, and underscores (_). As the title suggests, whenever I try to change the name of my modules from “Module1” to “AccountOwners”, I get the following error message: The only time a change is accepted is if my module name consists of a letter. Which doesn`t make sense, since module1 is longer than a letter. I copied the name of the text box from your question and pasted it into the Properties field, and it worked fine: Well, it seems to work on my computer. Did you name anything else “accountOwners”? A sheet/workbook name or variable? When copying and pasting, especially from Excel, there are often spaces that are not visible in TexBox controls. Another copy and paste app problematic for me is Lync, where I always type more than I want. Join Bytes in asking your question to a community of 471,565 software developers and data scientists. I suggest checking these copied texts by pasting them into Notepad++ with the Show White Space option enabled. This ensures that there are no gaps in unexpected parts of your channels. I read the Excel Help Prompt and searched the Internet for a possible solution, but it didn`t succeed. Note that the Name property of a form or control is different from the Label properties (Caption, Text, and Value), which identify or display the contents of a control at run time.

These properties can be restricted keywords, start with a number, and contain non-alphanumeric characters.