We have agreed with Bernard and Suzanne of Affinity Resolutions to provide NARPO members with a free legal helpline and quarterly e-newsletter on legal topics. The advisory line supports members by explaining where they can find information on legal issues. To take advantage of this membership benefit, please register with www.affinityresolutions.co.uk/join/ Seniors` Tax Assistance helps people over the age of 60 solve their personal tax problems with free, confidential and jargon-free expert advice. Helpline: Mo-Fr 9-5 01308 488066 There are also two charities that offer free tax advice to low-income people who cannot afford to pay a professional advisor, these can be contacted via dedicated helplines: We offer free advice on all aspects of government benefits via WORDSHOP. Your membership number is required to use this service. Please email: [email protected] with your application or write to: Benefits Information Advisor, WORDSHOP, 7 Tilton Court, Digby Rd, Sherborne, Dorset DT9 3NL Questions about taxes? Then use our special tax forum or the special phone line kindly provided by TWD accountants. Call 0800 093 9433 or visit their website for more information. If your request is more than a general tax issue, TWD offers the appropriate advice at a very competitive fixed price. Whether you`re a former police officer or related to a police officer, life after the police can bring many new challenges, whether it`s taking care of your finances or taking care of yourself. At NARPO, we are here to help our members and their loved ones with helpful tips and exclusive offers from trusted partners. Having trouble with your computer? Then take advantage of our free IT consultation via bc-group. Email your inquiry to [email protected] or call 01369 706656 The following organizations offer FREE advice to NARPO members. The ONS has just published the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for September 2022 and stands at 10.1%.

The increase in police officers` pensions in April 2023 has not been confirmed. Full details can be found on the ONS website Why not check out your local office and see what they have to offer. We have a wide range of full-time and part-time positions available across the country. NARPO responded to the UK Treasury following the government`s response to the consultation on eliminating discrimination in public sector pension schemes. NARPO calls on the government to ensure that people of working age are treated in the same way as those of working age in addressing pension discrimination, and that the resolution is implemented as soon as […] We have a team of experienced volunteers who continue to support people in court and have also received another 2-day training to help them help callers to the helpline. There are many things to organize – from taking care of your finances to taking care of yourself. The Low Inincome Tax Reform Group (LITRG) website also provides a wealth of jargon-free and easy-to-understand information and advice for pensioners, students, people with disabilities and carers, migrants and low-income workers. In particular, LITRG publishes detailed instructions on how to lodge complaints against HMRC and how you can verify that your tax identification number is correct. Independent Field Service – t.co/FY2fImi3f3 t.co/1W1VMRW7fl There is also an online customer forum where you can ask questions about a range of tax topics that HMRC experts answer. Anyone can check out the forum. To ask a question, you need to register and create a profile.

We are very pleased and proud to announce the launch of our helpline. We respond to people who have been calling us for many years. However, we are now able to actively promote the service in order to give many more people access to emotional support and practical help at a much earlier stage of the investigation process. Assistance via the helpline can be offered to anyone in England and Wales who has questions or concerns about the investigation process. TaxAid: helps people under 60 or self-employed people solve their tax problems if they cannot be solved with HMRC. Helpline: Mon-Fri 10-12 0345 120 3779 Following the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the NEC has decided to cancel the NARPO conference. NARPO members and guests gathered Friday morning to pay tribute to Her Majesty and share memories. The next conference will take place on Friday 8. September 2023 in Blackpool The motions for this […] Learn more on the HMRC online customer forum and register.

Process Server Vacancy (Wales) -t.co/RE4CoDwTHd t.co/a8XlXEUpDA Police pensions are a big problem. To guide you through all the information, simply fill out the form below and we will find all the information that might be useful to you. There is also an extensive knowledge base containing information on a range of topics to help you with your tax affairs. The helpline is not a substitute for the support of our volunteers in court. However, it gave us the opportunity to support families and witnesses and refer them to the appropriate authorities at a much earlier stage of the investigation process. We believe this will help people become much calmer and more informed about the investigative process when they participate. Be sure to use your NARPO membership number when contacting TWD Accountants, Wordshop and BC Group. If you do not know your membership number, please contact NARPO HQ and they will be happy to assist you. Planning a holiday? Buying a new car? Are you expanding your social circle? We can help.

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