We all have that one person who is super tidy at the office. In our case we have two organisation freaks! They felt that organisation is a key feature to functionality. So here are some steps which will help you keep organised at the office:

1.Declutter that office.

If you haven’t decluttered your office in a while, it is probably a good time to do so. The time it takes can range from a few hours to a whole day, this depends on the state your office is in. The aim of this is to get rid of anything that is unnecessary.

2.Keep your desktop neat and clean.

Make sure both your physical and online desktop are clear and tidy. Only keep essential items on your desk. This will increase productivity and help you get tasks done faster.

Tip: If you cannot see your desktop screensaver it means you have too many items on it!

3.Make use of the proper office supplies to stay organised.

Make use of office stationery to help you organise. Keep your most used items such as paper clips or sticky notes stocked up and close at hand. Invest in a desktop organiser to keep all your smaller office supplies tidy and accessible. Store loose papers in folders or files and make sure to label everything!

4.Keep an organised inbox folder.

Categorize your e-mails and create separate folders for each job. This will help you keep a systematic order especially when going back to look for a particular e-mail. Delete any e-mails you don’t need to keep to as organised as possible.

5.Keep two document trays

Label one tray would be labelled ‘New Tray’ here you will keep any new documents and the second would be labelled ‘Old Tray’ here you would place any document that you have looked at but still need to deal with them. This system will help you keep track on what is pending and what has to take priority over others.



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