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GO – Qualitative

Marketing Advisory Services was engaged to assist GO p.l.c. in the qualitative research study targeted towards Maltese consumers. The general aim of this study was to gather information and feedback from local consumers, with respect to their mobile broadband experience and mobile data usage. Of specific interest was the question of whether GO customers perceive their mobile broadband experience as being better or worse than Vodafone and Melita customer experience. Marketing Advisory Services coordinated and executed the organisation and facilitation of the focus group sessions, as well as the documentation and interpretation of results.

This qualitative study was based on six focus group sessions, which took place in Malta, on separate dates. Each focus group session involved a one-and-a-half-hour discussion between seven to ten participants and a group moderator. Participants were selected and grouped according to three variables: firstly age, and secondly telecommunication service providers and thirdly according to whether they are subscribed to mobile post-paid or pre-paid plans. Additionally, all selected participants are Mobile Data Users.

“Research is to see what everybody else has seen, and to think what nobody else has thought.”



The research exercise was carried out to inform GO p.l.c. about current consumer perceptions and experiences with respect to their mobile broadband and data usage, specifically in relation to their respective mobile service provider. Additionally we looked at consumer patterns and experiences of ‘indoor’ and ‘outdoor’ use of mobile broadband and data and consumer impressions about other elements related to mobile broadband services, including costs and volumes of data that are currently offered by each provider.

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