An Institutionalizing Innovation Exercise

Gasan Mamo – Innovation Audit

Marketing Advisory Services was commissioned by GasanMamo Insurance to conduct an Institutionalizing Innovation exercise. The aims of this exercise were to improve interdepartmental communication and collaboration, help the organisation reflect common brand values, and disseminate a culture of innovation. To achieve these aims Marketing Advisory Services organized face to face discussions with a sizable and representative cross-section of GasanMamo employees spanning the different departments and job positions. In order to be able to reach theses aims a three phased approach was designed. The first phase of this approach consisted of a series of one-to-one discussions with the staff; this was followed by phase two which involved the charting of a strategy, tailor-made for GasanMamo, which lead to the third phase which consisted of the implementation of the strategy.

“Changes call for innovation, and innovation leads to progress.”

Li Keqiang


Upon reviewing the themes of the discussions, the general consensus is that the participants take pride in working for one of the market leaders. Through some areas of improvement were identified and by taking all the relevant factors into consideration a number of recommendations and solutions were provided that enabled both immediate as well as long term results.

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