Thought to have originated in Wuhan China, the Coronavirus has caused serious havoc across many countries, including Malta’s neighbouring friends, Italy. But, from sold-out face masks to setting up of screenings across borders; from some people stating that this is all an unnecessary fuss to some avoiding all that is Chinese, Marketing Advisory Services set out to truly understand people’s factual perception on the infamous Coronavirus with a simple yet effective five question survey, and the outcome is interestingly intriguing.

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Meanwhile, Times of Malta also got in contact with members of Malta’s Chinese community who saw “no major changes in attitudes towards them since the outbreak,” and when asked about the survey finds, “a Chinese businesswoman living in Malta with her three sons said she too would probably be more careful about meeting other Chinese but she questioned if enough was being done to monitor Europeans coming to Malta. There are procedures for the Chinese people to enter the country. The world knows about them. What is happening for Europeans coming to Malta? The barriers are still not there.”

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The Novel Coronavirus has been a hot topic in the Maltese islands lately, as it has affected the lives of...
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