During the month of March 2020, Marketing Advisory Services conducted a survey on the construction industry in Malta. The sample was made up of 363 respondents. The results are presented in the infographic below.


A large majority of respondents strongly believed that the construction industry in Malta should be restricted through new or revised policies and regulations. For most respondents, the construction industry and its operations are essential to sustain the Maltese economy, but this should be done at a reduced scale.

Respondents showed a low level of agreement with various statements regarding the building regulations in Malta. Younger age groups were more likely to show a higher level of disagreement with such statements.

Respondents had low levels of trust towards: The Planning Authority, construction companies, Maltese architects, site safety officers, and environmental NGOs. On average, females were slightly less trusting towards all the above-mentioned parties, when compared to males.

A large majority of respondents stated that they would not feel safe living or working next to a construction site. Older age groups were more likely to feel unsafe as the percentage of respondents who answered unsafe increased with each age group.

Overall, the results clearly indicate that the public has a negative perception of the way the Maltese construction industry is currently operating. 

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